Heart-to-Heart Abortion Conversation Cards

Heart-to-Heart Abortion Conversation Cards

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Heart-to-Heart Abortion Conversations contains 50 cards, including information and instructions, that invite you to share deeply about your values and thoughts about abortion access. This card deck will be actively used through February 2018 as part of a culture shift campaign, but are useful every day to help prepare yourself for important conversations. They also make a great facilitation tool or game!

Having a “heart-to-heart” also means listening just as deeply to the thoughts and feelings others. Dialogue, storytelling, and intentional conversations are powerful tools to organizing and strengthening our movement. Heart-to-Heart Abortion Conversations are designed serve as a catalyst to grow your leadership, deepen connections, and make abortion access a reality. By tapping into love and empathy, speaking from our values, and seeking to understand and really hear others, we will be able to connect and build relationships, even when we don’t agree on everything about abortion.

At the National Network of Abortion Funds, our core values are:

  • Autonomy
  • Intersectionality
  • Compassion
  • Collective Power

We hope you’ll join us in living our values! Each card in this deck has a symbol on it to help guide the conversation with the corresponding core value. You can learn more about our values at abortionfunds.org.

How to use: 

Option 1. Start with card #1 and see how far you get.
Option 2. Stack the deck. Let players browse through all of the cards and select the cards they’d like to talk about. Put these cards on top so they’re chosen first.
Option 3. Shuffle and three-card draw.
Option 4. Choose cards based in which values you want to explore (autonomy, compassion, intersectionality, collective power)
Option 5. Make up your own rules!