Comics For Choice (book or pdf)

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Comics for Choice is anthology of comics about abortion. Cartoonists and illustrators have teamed up with activists, historians, and reproductive justice experts to create comics about their diverse personal stories, the history of abortion, the current politics, and more. Abortion fund leaders, National Network of Abortion Fund staffers, and We Testify storytellers are woven throughout this gorgeous collection, including a poignant story from our Executive Director Yamani Hernandez.

Support people telling their abortion stories in their own words.

Learn more about the project and the contributors here. This book was nominated in 2018 for the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Anthology or Collection.

Through the IndieGoGo campaign, 913 donors raised over $30,000 for the National Network of Abortion Funds! If you missed, here's your chance to grab a copy and support our critical work. 

PDF version: You can now pay what you want for a pdf instead of a physical book, with all proceeds supporting the National Network of Abortion Funds. 

Please note: Comics for Choice is a solid read, and as such, it's literally more heavy than all of our other shop items. Adding Comics for Choice to your order will raise your shipping total to $10 for domestic US shipping. Thanks for understanding.