I Want My Tax Dollars To Fund Abortion! stickers

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These vibrant stickers make a strong political statement while supporting the grassroots fundraising of abortion funds. Big 4" x 4" vinyl stickers will pop on your laptop or notebooks. Invite people to find their local abortion fund, and to join you in a movement centering compassion, intersectionality, collective power, and autonomy. 

Until U.S. tax dollars fully fund all reproductive options for all people, there is no "choice" for people that can't afford or access their abortions. Sound the alarm on discrimination, take a bold stance that breaks down white supremacy and economic injustice, and advocate for abortion funds doing the hard work of bridging the gaps left by governments shirking their duties. 

Ordering more than one sticker? Use discount code STICKITTOHYDE for a $1 discount off each sticker with a minimum purchase of 2. Keep one, and give one to a future abortion funding friend!